It was May and I was in a hurry for a national hive, trouble was, so was everyone else so I had to go further afield! I called a couple of companies and they said I would have to wait weeks, I then called Solway Bee Supplies and after explaining my dilemma they helpfully said they would try and get one out to me by the end of the week. They did and let me know by email that it was on its way, excellent customer service.

The hive, a flat pack exterior quality ply, arrived securely taped up in an ample amount of smoker fuel, so that was a bonus!

Assembly was straight forward with a little trimming of the side bars for a perfect fit. In fact, due to the less complicated design of the Solway hive assembly was easier than others in common use. Sufficient pins/nails are supplied and the mesh floor arrived pre-assembled. I also use polyurethane glue (not supplied) on all joints as it is waterproof and effervesces as it sets to fill joints. The glue is incredibly strong and is applied from a mastic gun, wear gloves though as it is impossible to wipe off your hands and remains tacky for a couple of hours.

A swarm was introduced to the hive and now, some three weeks later the brood is looking good and the first super is close to being ready.

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